Interstock BV is located in Apeldoorn and is active throughout the Netherlands and in all countries of Western Europe. Interstock specializes in the trading of containers owned by shipping companies, in addition we do buying and selling stock lots, excess inventory, and bankruptcy goods. These may be smaller batches of goods, but also larger dozens of trailers/containers. Complete evacuation company, including cleaning is also one of the possibilities.

Interstock acts fast.. quick decision on your stock .. fast processing of the payment .. fast removal of the goods. Discreet work and we do what we say !

Interstock keeps their customers directly informed of new supply; subscribe through this website. In Apeldoorn you can see samples of current stock lots and freight per box, per pallet or per trailer.

Interstock maintains contacts with container carriers by sea and land, to purchase problem containers, which cannot be delivered by a variety of reasons to their consignee.

Interstock is always directly and instantly accessible:

Interstock BV
Wilmersdorf 6 B
7327 AC Apeldoorn (NL)
Tel: +31(0)55 54 00 997
Chambers of Commerce Apeldoorn: 65934288

Andy Kloppenburg
+31(0)6 547 86 423