Interstock BV is a young and dynamic company, that specializes in the trading of various goods, which cannot be sold through the standard process by shipping companies or producers. Interstock take extra work over. We will immediately identify the goods, materials or raw materials, provide transportation and then the container(s) are returned quickly and empty.

Quick settlement terms and return of empty containers. We also stand for a quick financial settlement. Our keywords: reliable, discrete, long-term cooperation, act quickly, affluent, and more than adequate on transshipment.

For (discrete) destruction of entire inventory / goods we can serve you, including the presentation of a destruction statement/certificate.

Interstock, solves your problems!
We also selling and purchasing odd lots, stocklots, overstocks, and bankruptcy goods. If required, we can provide your location / warehouse broom clean. We always have at least 1200 pallets with various consumer goods to be delivered directly from stock.

A small part of it can be seen on this website. It’s always a good idea to call us if you have specific requirements, or visit our warehouse in Apeldoorn (Wilmersdorf 12 B). In addition, in a part of our warehouse you will find lots per carton or pallet for immediately take away.

Stocklots wanted:

If you want to sell stock lots, please contact us so we can issue a bid. We are known as paying quickly and transporting into our warehouse.
Please feel free to contact us!

You can reach us directly:

Interstock BV
Wilmersdorf 6 B
7327 AC Apeldoorn (NL)
Tel: +31(0)55 54 00 997
Chambers of Commerce Apeldoorn: 65934288

Andy Kloppenburg
+31(0)6 547 86 423